21 Genuine Ways To Make Money Online , Earn Thousands Of Dollars Easily In 2019


21 Genuine Ways To Make Money Online , Earn Thousands Of Dollars Easily In 2019

21 Genuine Ways To Make Money Online

Are you ready to make money online without investment? There are hundreds of genuine ways to make money online easily. You just need a laptop or computer system with a high-speed internet connection that makes you able to make money online.

In this article, I'll inform you of 21 genuine ways to make money online. Zee21 is going to describe authentic and genuine ways to make money online lifetime. These all 21 ways are genuine and you can do it anywhere in the world.


Do you think that online earning is legit or not? I think this is natural and anyone who doesn't know about the online world, he can be confused. Online earning is a reality and technology making it easier so much.

The Internet is a global computer network that providing a lot of information facilities and communicating as well. These facilities help people to make money online legally. For more information, you can google about the internet, this research can make you more confident to make money online.

21 Genuine Ways to MAKE MONEY ONLINE

Let's make you inform about 21 legit and genuine ways to make money online. These all are permanent income source and you can join these as a lifetime career. I researched on it and get useful and authentic information to write. I maintained a list of 21 ways to earn money legitly.

These all ways are listed as,

1.     With Blogging
2.     With Google AdSense
3.     With Vlogging
4.     Affiliate Marketing
5.     Freelance Writing Jobs
6.     SEO consultancy
7.     Email Marketing
8.     Domain or Website Flipping
9.     Web Development
10. Mobile App development
11. With Transcription
12. With Online Tutoring
13. With Online Store
14. As Virtual Assistant
15. With Photography
16. EBook Writing
17. With Article Writing
18. With Music and Videos
19. Playing online games
20. With Podcasting
21. Selling Ads

Now, let's start, one by one and explain in detail.

Make Money Online with blogging

1. Blogging 

If you want to do some unique, amazing and genuine then blogging is for you. You can make money as much as you can. You must have the ability to understand blogging. You must be aware, how you can share content with people.

Blogging is a way that involved a personal website, in which a writer can share journal or column about their day or any particular topic. This website is called "Blog" and the writer is called "Blogger".

For example, Zee21 is a blog where I am sharing some articles on blogging, make money ways and digital marketing as well. After getting organic traffic, I can monetize my blog with an advertisement platform. After placing their ads, I can make money from blogging.

Remember that blogging depends on unique content. You must follow the guideline of google, bing and other search engines. You cannot copy another's content. You need to write your own content. You can start a blog with contextual content, graphics, videos or audio content which you can develop.

Zee21 can help you to choose a blogging niche related to your hobbies. Here are 21 types of blogs, which can help you to choose the right blogging niche. You can start,

1.     Personal Blog
2.     Fashion Blog
3.     travel Blog
4.     Food Blog
5.     Music Blog
6.     Lifestyle Blog
7.     How to Blog
8.     DIY Blog
9.     Sports Blog
10.Finance Blog
11.Political Blog
12.News Blog
13.Parenting Blog
14.Ultimate Guide Blog
15.Business Blog
16.Movie Blog
17.Car Blog
18.Interview Blog
19.Games Blog
20.Pet Blog
21.Product Review Blog

Make Money Online  with adsense

2. Google AdSense

Do you know about Google AdSense? I think this is a ridiculous question at all. Google is a symbol of the internet and how you can be unaware of it. AdSense can you make you some confusing but after becoming aware of AdSense, you can be a publisher of Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is a Google program for publishers who want to get monetized. This program allows publishers to show related text, images, videos or interactive media ads through Google network of content sites on their sites. These advertisements relate to their site content and targeted traffic.

Google AdSense is the most favorite income source for bloggers, app developers, and youtubers as well. more than 80% of bloggers make money online with AdSense. This is an authentic and genuine program in which you get paid regularly. I recommend you to start blogging and use AdSense for earning.

Make Money Online  with vlogging

3. Vlogging

The other way to make money online is vlogging or video blogging in which you can make a handsome income for your livings. YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and many other video sharing websites allow a publisher to get paid with his viral and unique content.

There are a lot of examples of YouTube, how people are earning from this site. On YouTube, you can find a variety of videos which can help you to learn many things. You can start a channel to make money online with vlogging.

You can make a tutorial to teach others and for this purpose, you can use WordPress, blogger, tumbler, wix and many other platforms as video blogging source. These are free for beginners and after getting some income you can get advanced features by paying them.

Make Money Online  with affiliate marketing

4. Affiliate Marketing 

Today is the time of online shopping. Everyone is getting online items from Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, and eBay etc. Amazon has become a top retailer of United State even of the World. You can make money online with Amazon genuinely.

people are selling their items on Amazon and we can be associated with Amazon and other companies as well. Without investment, we can start selling their items and get paid with a specific percentage.

Affiliate marketing becomes an essential part of all online retailers. You can start on Clickbank and commission junction as digital products retailers. On Clickbank, you can get more than 70% commission on a particular item.

Its depends on you, how you can start your affiliate career? You can work as a network affiliate like Amazon or on individuals like Bluehost or HostGator etc.

Make Money Online  with freelance writing jobs

5. Freelance Writing Jobs

If you have good writing skills and want to get some extra cash then freelance writing jobs are for you. you can get tasks from freelance marketplaces and get paid.

I have written a detailed article on freelance writing job. There are many types of writings like copywriting, blog writing, ghostwriting, creative writing, content writing and reviews writing etc, etc...

You can choose one writing niche and can start your writing career on upwork, Fiverr, Iwitter, ProBlogger and many more places as well. Freelance writing jobs help you to manage casual lifestyle that you want. You can do it when you want. I am also a content writer and doing freelancing, my dream profession that fulfills my all life wishes.

Make Money Online  with SEO Consultancy

6. SEO Consultancy

This is the most favorite and important income source for internet publishers. If you are an expert in SEO then you don't need to search for a job. People will find you for their consultancy. Darian Bean, Neil Patel, and many other SEO experts are ruling on the internet.

Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, Majestic, and other SEO sources are providing costly services and individuals are making money with using these resources. If you can perform keyword researching, link building and rank a specific page for a specific keyword on Google, you can make money as you want.

Companies want their web page or blog post on the top position on the google, bing and other search engines. You need to learn about digital marketing skills and focus on SEO more specifically. This is passive income generator guys.

Make Money Online  with email marketing

7. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another digital marketing skill. Through email marketing, you can send a sale letter to a specific person or group of targeted persons which can be turned into future prospective clients.

In Email Marketing, you can sale a list of emails to marketers. You can write an email for email marketers and design responsive email template to sale. You can write a newsletter for clients and also for your blog to increase sales leads.

You can start sending email for others to sales their products. With this process, you can make money easily. For this purpose, you need a business email from hosting companies or you can get Google suit for your needs.

For getting started email marketing you must be an expert and know about marketing strategies related to email. Go to udemy and enroll yourself to email marketing course to get started.

Make Money Online  with domain and website flipping

8. Domain Or Website Flipping Business

A domain is addressed you any website like Zee21.com. Like that Facebook, google, amazon, twitter and many others. There are many extensions are available like .com, .net, .org, .info and .store etc. You can be rich overnight after selling and buying domains.

Same like domain flipping you can sell and buy websites too. this is more profitable compared domain business. With the website flipping, you can get a higher profit. In this business, you don't sell just domain but the entire website as well.

In website or domain flipping business you must follow some rules to sale them. Your website must be a quality website, ranking oriented and have earning history. Earning history should be older, at least six months are preferred.

You can sale your domain or website on FlippaEmpire Flipper and another site like them.

Make Money Online  with web development

9. Web Development

Web development is the need of the online world. If we are discussing online making money ways then a website is the first thing to know. For any online business, you need a website. As a freelance web developer, you can change your life by making money online.

You can build a WordPress theme and design it to sale for WordPress users. You can also develop a WordPress plugin to increase WordPress site's functionality and earn a passive income.

Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and a variety of other CMSs allow you to develop the related theme. plugin or widget to get money. Basically, this is different from web development actually, if you are doing WordPress development.

If you are doing custom web development in PHP or ASP then this is pure web development. In WordPress or other CMSs, you develop a specific piece of code for specific functionality.

Make Money Online  with app development

10. Mobile App Development

We cannot ignore the app market. this is really bigger than other industry gadgets market. Mobile technology increasing day by day and android and IOS have to capture the mobile market absolutely. You can find millions of application on play store.

If you are an android or IOS developer, you can make money online with another genuine method. As an android developer, you can develop your own application and with monetization or selling it, can make money really to your needs.

As an app developer, you can develop a custom app for others and charge the maximum amount from them. Companies pay to get higher satisfaction level. If you are interested to start app developing, start from Thunkable and develop your first app with dragging and dropping.


Make Money Online  with transcription

11. With Transcription

I like transcription because it allows me to make thousands of dollars every single month. You are listing an audio or video file, it may be an interview, podcast or webinar, you need to write the words which you are listing.

If there are more than one speakers in audio or video then you can charge more than the normal transcription.  This is the best way to make money online.

Transcribeme, Dailytranscribe, and crownsurf are best transcription websites where you can find work at any time and do it anywhere from. You can get work Fiverr, upwork and freelance marketplaces as well. These are also provided transcription tasks.

Make Money Online  with tutoring

12. With Online Tutoring

Have you ever heard the name of udemylynda or cambly? Udemy is my favorite education store where you can find any online course according to your requirement.

But stop, You can start your career as an online teacher here on udemy or other related websites. You need to record videos of your teaching sessions and upload them here. You will get an amazing experience here after getting results. This is my promise to you if you have the skills to teach anything properly.

Make Money Online  with online store

13. With Online Store

You can make money online by creating an online store. Today is the time to shop online and Shopify becoming the name of digital shopping. Your Shopify store can make you rich overnight.

Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart are retailers which give you percentage according to their calculations but in Shopify store, you can get as you want. This is drop shipping business, that helps you manage sales without any investment. You need a website or just your working to sell their items. If the product's price is 10$, you can sale it in 15$ and collect your 5$ as profit.

For more information, you can visit Shopify.

Make Money Online  as virtual assistant

14. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you can make money online in a proper manner. You can edit files for others, you can manage excel sheets for employers, you can provide data entry services to others or you can do everything as assistant online.

People are doing online jobs to assist others and many employers post their requests on freelance marketplaces where many workers find them and join them as a virtual assistant.

Amazon mechanical truck is the best example of virtual assistance.

Make Money Online  with photography

15. With Photography

You can make money online with photography or graphic designing. You can earn money with photoshop editing or adobe illustrator designing. You can create vectors to sell them on online marketplaces.

Shutterstock is the most favorite photography marketplace.

Make Money Online  with ebook writing

16. Ebook Writing 

Ebook writing is a popular way of online earning. You can make money by writing an ebook. If you have knowledge about any specific field and can write in the shape of an online book to inspire and teach others, you can make money online in this way.

You can write on affiliate marketing, blogging, hosting guide or whatever you have knowledge. You need to write a number of pages which require for a book and showcase it on kindle.

Make Money Online  with article writing

17. Article Writing

You can write articles for other websites and get paid. You can write guest posts, articles on different niches and web content as a freelance content marketer. You need to find the right customer for the right job.

You can join freelance marketplaces to find an article or blog writing jobs. I am giving this service on Fiverr, this is best for article writing gigs. Upwork and guru are also the best forums for these services.

Make Money Online  with music and videos

18. Music and Videos

If you can do video editing or voice over skills, you can make money online right now. This is a quick way to make money online. Just create a gig on a freelance marketplace or showcase these skills on your portfolio and get the right pitch as you want.

There is a lot of examples, they are making money with video editing or with voice over. You can make intros and sale them into, therefore.

Make Money Online  with playing games

19. Playing Online Games

Do you know, you can get paid by playing games online? There are a number of platforms which offer this service. This is a big fact that people want to start that business that carries no investment. Playing games online and get paid after playing a game is obviously an interesting income source which makes online earning more amazing.

This is the very latest era going on and games going to be a very high definition part of the industry. Game developers and gaming industry using high graphics and virtual technology are changing the world. 

Anyways, my motive is to give you information about that makes money niche. This is legit and trusted, you can make more than 1000$ per month with playing games online.  PlayAndWinPaid Game Player,  Clip2Play,  Pogo,  Gameloot, and many platforms are there to get paid.

Make Money Online  with podcasting

20. With Podcasting

Do you know about Podcasting? If you don't know, be aware of it, because this can make you able to earn money online. Podcasting is the best way to make money online with your website or pages whatever you have for promotion. 
Basically, Podcast is a series of audio files which your website's user can download after subscribing and listen to them to getting aware of what you are saying. 

For making it legit and appropriate, you must know about some technical terms like RSS feed setting to make user updated to get the latest files. For this, you need to get more information. You can find a detailed article on Podcast on Zee21 soon.

Make Money Online  with selling private ads

Sell Private Ads

If you have a popular blog where you are performing well content strategy then you can sale your ads space to private companies directly. On Pro Pakistani, you can see Amir Atta is selling private ads too. He has so high rates and earning like that too.

You need to make your blog's traffic regular and organic. Do SEO of your website properly and get benefits with selling Private Ads.


These are 21 legit, genuine and trusted make money online ways. Thousands of people are earning in these ways, you can also join them and earning money to make your living better. I hope you will like this article. Take Care



Zee21.com | Online Guide : 21 Genuine Ways To Make Money Online , Earn Thousands Of Dollars Easily In 2019
21 Genuine Ways To Make Money Online , Earn Thousands Of Dollars Easily In 2019
21 Genuine Ways To Make Money Online , Earn Thousands Of Dollars Easily In 2019
Zee21.com | Online Guide
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