21 Useful On-Pages SEO Tips for Getting #1 on Google in 2019


Want to get high ranking, here 21 useful SEO tips waiting for you. Get first position on Google by thes SEO tips

21 Useful SEO Tips

Do you have a website or a blog? Must you want to rank your articles on top position at Google?  Want to get useful SEO tips, Right?
Well, In this article, I am going to explain SEO, and 21 SEO tips which boost your blog post ranking and you can get the first position on Google. Yeah, this is true, and you can rank your article if you are ready to follow this helpful article.
SEO is a natural digital term for online business. SEO is work for online stores, search engines, websites and all type of material on the internet. We are bloggers, so we discuss blogging. Do you write blog posts?
Blog writing requires passion, research, and critical thinking. If you have these three skill set at the same time, then you can create killer content. You can be different and unique with your blog, That's an unbelievable truth. Content is the king that need no support. Just need to be premium.
Let's come; I tell you 21 killer SEO tips which make your content KING. You know SEO tips, sorry SEO abbreviation?

What is SEO?

SEO process

Don't worry, If you are unfamiliar from SEO, I can inform you all about SEO and SEO Tips too. Ready to being famous on Google? SEO has commonly used the word on the internet, and if you are a blogger or owner of any blog, then you must want to know about SEO. Let's explain SEO with detail and know zee's 21 killer SEO tips which can help you to get ranked on Google first position.
SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization and a technical term used for online traffic generation strategies. People might have heard for Search Engine Optimization, but they don't know the real functionality of the SEO term.
SEO audits and calculations tell us the measures, procedures of ranking and traffic generation formulas related to getting high index position on Google. SEO generate signals which help us to get an affirmative plan to get leads or traffic on a specific keyword. In further we are going to describe 21 killer tips to get high organic traffic quickly. Are you ready?

What do we need to start SEO?

need for SEO

You have a blog or website for a particular purpose; you need SEO for all online content marketing purpose. You are compelled to do SEO or hire an SEO expert to make your content optimized as on-pages and off-page strategies to be famous on Google. SEO give you organic traffic, and if you are doing online business, then you can get great leads to get big profit. Same like this if you are a blogger and want to get supreme organic traffic for high CPC earning with the real number of naturals clicks, you need real SEO tips.
As I said, In blogging, we always try to get organic traffic to making natural CPC which turn into sales. Paid research is not affordable for blogger, and we don't have the need too. Organic traffic helps us to get a regular visitor that repeat and gives trust. It can turn into a client. However, how this can be possible? It can guys; these 21 SEO tips can help you to win the trust of your readers.

My 21 SEO Tips to Boost Blog Post Ranking

21 seo tips

I know, you would be in wait for getting these 21 SEO tips, you should be. These tips I use myself for my blog posts. For my blogs and clients as well. I named it 21Blog toolkit to create premium content. These are,
1.    Keyword research
2.    Right Targeting
3.    Find Real Competitor
4.    Find The Content Gaps
5.    Find Topic-Related Question
6.    Make Writing Plan
7.    Shorts Paragraphs
8.    Headings
9.    Long Form Content
10.  Internal Links
11.  External Links
12.  Video Embedding
13.  Related Images
14.  Infographics
15.  SEO Title
16.  Keyword Density
17.  Permalinks
18.  grabby Meta Description
19.  Social Sharing
20.  Use Grammarly
21.  Revision

These 21 SEO tips can help you write a great blog post. These 21 SEO tips cover on-page SEO and boost your article ranking as the content is king.

1. Keyword research

seo keyword research

Ahrefs, Semrush, LongtailPro, and much other SEO strategist are available to assist in keyword research when what we need to do? You are thinking like that, Right?
I know this is the primary point to start any blog post. We cannot ignore the keyword research because it helps us to write the right things for the right people but on which person we can trust? Ahrefs, Semrush or other companies which is best to find the best keyword?
Our topic is how to find a keyword, and I recommend Aahrefs but with your effort. Ahrefs or any other keyword tool helps us to get analyses for that particular keyword, and you must have the ability to find a keyword with all statics requires for keyword research.
You must know keyword difficulty, competitions, search volume and click rates with all options. The most important thing is the CPC rate, you must choose a profitable keyword for your blog. You must know the CPC if you are using Adsense and want to get a high CPC rate for your blogging career.

2. Right Target

right target

All SEO tips help us to create excellent content for our blog. We can find a keyword with different tools, paid or free. The primary issue is always to select the right targeted keyword. You have a topic in which you want to rank your article but did you did you find the target?

You are going to write an article on the latest Samsung mobile, but you select a keyword related to mobile technology but not specifically with Samsung? Always remember that you need to choose the right targeted keyword that belongs strictly to your topic. 

Use your mind and do manual analyses. Paid tools are tools not human; their results cannot be a hundred percent right. Believe on your intelligence and start the manual analysis with using tools, it will give you better results.

3. Find Real Competitor

Find Real Competitor

It would be best if you found your real competitor. You must know to see your real competitor according to the specific keyword. You need to select suitable DA, PA, CF, and TF matching with your blog.
If your blog has 20 DA, then choose your competitors having 30 or less than 35 domain authority. Page rank is matter but not too much. CF and TF are explained also considered, but Domain authority is most important to find the real one. Don't teas the high domain authority which can beat you anytime.
Follow this tip to find a real competitor with fewer backlinks. If any blog post linked with 2000 links of high DA, then you must need more than 2000 links with high DA too.

4. Find The Content Gaps

content gaps

Remember that content is king, and for this purpose, you must find the content gaps in your competitors' content. If your competitor has written 1500 words, then you need to write 2000 at least with more covering attributes.
Find what your competitor is missing and try to fill it. After research, you can fill it correctly and tells readers more detail than your competitor. For example, you have a fitness blog, and people want to know about fitness gadget like the Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale. You competitor mentions its name but not detail. You can add more feature to your readers.
This tips can be more useful for engaging readers and force them to buy it. I mean you can perform affiliate here. This thing makes any blogger more successful.

5. Find Topic-Related Question


You know this tip can help you to write most extra informative things for your readers. You need to join high page rank printed and popular forums like Quora and StackOverflow. Here you can find people's question and can provide an answer or solution with your blog post.
Answer the question of quora and leave your link here for more detail. In this way, you can get traffic with a backlink. I am also doing this thing for my blog posts. This tip helps me to reach a targeted audience which considered as organic.

6. Make Writing Plan

writing plan

Post plan or structure is another important key factor of SEO tips, help us to write a structured blog post to impress readers. For this purpose, you need to do some extra work roughly for your blog post.
Experts say Google see the structure of the article and if you have the proper structure in a blog post then you no need of heavy SEO tips, It can automatically be ranked.
You can assume that you are reading another article in which every step is explained with proper arrangement and with subheadings, you'll like or not?
Just follow that point and make your article more clear with proper structure. Describe everything steps by step and build readers' engagement.

7. Shorts Paragraphs

Shorts Paragraphs

Try to write short paragraphs for your blog posts. This SEO tip helps you to get readers' trust flow with citation flow as well. Some people are time's hungry and want to save their time. Short paragraphs help you to get readers attraction.
Although short paragraphs provide short attention span too, people need to find a quick solution with clear and straightforward readability. For writing frequent posts, you should write short articles — these SEO tips help to write easily and quickly.
When readers get their desire solution from your posts quickly, they can bookmark your page and share for other's issues. I believe that short paragraphs are better comparably long paragraphs. This tip is useful regarding SEO tips for blogging.

8. SEO Title

SEO Title

I want to ask one quick answer to you if you see the Facebook post that has a title of "Get 5000$ With Copy Paste Work", what would be your reaction?
In my point of view, you must click on that and read this for getting information. Why you click on it? Is attractive, Eye Catchy or exciting?
My motive was to make you aware of the importance of post title. In SEO tips we can explain many things, but in these 21 tips, you can get more benefits. SEO title is essential for getting readers engagement. People will read the full article if they think this is for them.
Use a catchy headline or SEO title to grab readers attention. How to, Guide, Make it sexy, use short words and optimize with focus keyword is an essential part of making a catchy headline.
If you are using a catchy headline or title, then you are using excellent SEO tips for your blog post. You can find many online tools which help you to generate appealing and attractive SEO title, but with your critical thinking and according to readers' requirement your manual title can attract readers more effectively.

9. Headings


You can research appropriate keyword with filling content gaps with creating catchy SEO title, but you use more headings and subheadings in your blog post?
Headings is another useful tip for getting great benefits from your blog. Use SEO title in the h1 tag, but h2 and h3 are essential to make search engine familiar with an article. H2 headlines and subheadings help Google to collect central theme and keyword for making article positioning.
Headlines made ranking quick way. When Google crawls crawl your article and find a keyword on headlines, It considered the topic of your article or blog post. This help crawler to use this point to rank your item regarding other ranking options too.

10. Long Form Content

Long Form Content

Short form and long form content depend on the topic but for getting readers engagement, sessions, bounce rate and repetition of the readers you need to write long-form content.
Famous SEO expert Neil Patel says long-form content is most favorite for getting high page rank. Google sees your effort and quality of content, and if your material was having a great collection of unique words, then your content can be king.
However, remember that your content must be relative, to the point and informative to cover readers' interest. If you are writing rubbish data which has no fascination then how you can get real traffic which interested in your blog posts?
Try to write authentic, informative and related content, in which readers can find relevant information to fulfill their need. If my blog is about tech and people want to know about SEO tips, then this article can help them to learn more. It means they will read my full article because here they can find 21 tips with full detail. These SEO tips help the blogger to get benefits.

11. Internal Links

Internal Links

Internet links are those links which found on the same blog. If you are interlinked your blog post, its objective is that readers can read more posts related to their interests on your blog.
Internal links are most important on the SEO point of view. In many SEO tips guide, you can find these tips on top. Internal Links are the most important part of on-page SEO technique. You can use it for getting more engaging traffic. You must know about W3school, are you?
Here you can find internal linking on a real way. You can read them all posts with a specific table of content, and every particular post is linking with others. Same like, you need to interlink your posts with another post of your blog.

12. External Links

External Links

External links are as relevant as internal links. These outbound links make your linkage sure to another same website. In my article, I mentioned w3school on above and many other sites like Neil Patel Blog, These are external outbound links, and these provide values to our readers.
Internet becomes a widespread net on the earth, and here you can find millions of sites at one connection. You get more related websites on a specific website, and this is external links. External links make your existence on another platform where people mention your relationships as you say their connections. This Process is called backlinks and link building too.
When you link your website to another website, make sure the authority of the site. Big websites are trusted but if you are connecting with small then make sure this has high authority. This checking can help you to make your power high.

13. Video Embedding

Video Embedding

For getting more better results, you must read out the latest updates of Google reveals after some particular time. According to Google guidelines time which readers spend on your blog is called "dwell time" and you can check as session time on analytics of your website.
This factor makes your authority positive in the sight of Google and gives you high power as the return. A video is the most interesting time-consuming factor. People spend maximum time on video, and this factor can help you to get high dwell time on your blog from your readers.
You can embed any video from youtube, daily motion or other video sharing websites. Find the most favorite and related video with your topic and get the embedded code for video embedding on your blog.

14. Associated Images

Related Images

Images have more power than speaking words. Your image participates an essential rule of making readers consistent for your blog posts. Google also ranks models as well. Your related, cleared and lightweight images make your blog post more readable.
For this purpose, you must use alt tags for your images. Images are necessary to get SEO tips reflection and results from models. Always buys good images or design as you can. Pictures make your authority higher and attract readers to gain more understanding of what topic is about the blog post.

15. Infographics


Infographics are my favorite topic, and I know infographic tactics. I am expert in Coreldraw and Illustrator designing. Soon I will start infographics to ensure my SEO tips are enough for me.
My images designed on Coreldraw, and I intend it myself. My graphics and pictures are my recognizations, and I know the value of graphics. Infographics are the latest trend of blogging in which you can understand things with a chart or specific informative image.
It might be chart, graphics or schema to understand any term or calculational theory. You can use infographics to give a short introduction of your blog post to readers.
Famous blogger and SEO expert Brian Dean use infographics to get high traffic. Infographic is a handy SEO tip to make sure your blog post visibility. People like infographics to make their interest visually.
Use alt tags like images to perform more correctly on the SEO point of view. Are you ready to know more? Be consist and read more SEO tips as below to make your issues resolve.

16. Keyword Density

Keyword Density

Make sure your focus keyword density. It should be more than 1.5%, and this is keyword density regarding SEO tips. This tip makes your content familiar with a search engine.
For example, you are writing an article or blog post of 1000 words then keywords density should be more than 1.5% and less than 2.5%. It means you can use 15 to 25 words for 1000 words article.
The main thing is to highlight your keyword in the paragraphs. It helps search engine to find keyword and rank your article for that particular keyword.

17. Permalinks


For SEO URLs or permalinks perform an essential part where readers can access your blog post. It must be short that the reader can get a proper idea of topic according to his interest. Short permalink helps a lot in SEO.
In SEO tips collection permalinks are important like other tips. SEO experts like Moz recommend short permalink under 100 characters, but according to Barian Dian, Url should be shorter than 100 characters. It contains 20 or 30 characters enough.
The other thing is that always make sure that create permalink with using focus keyword in which.

18. Meta Description

Meta Description

Meta description showcases the detail of your blog post. Google excerpt the body data and show in search results. For showing detail in search pages that are showing in the image, write efficient and detail meta description that contains keyword too.
Proper meta description grabs the readers, and then click on the link to access the blog and read the post too. So always make sure to write SEO optimized meta description.

19. Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Social media is the most potent tool of today. You can get significant traffic from social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many other platforms help you to reach large numbers of readers from social media.
Write as well as you can and share the link on social media. This SEO tip helps you to find more and more traffic to your blog. Organic traffic needs no doubt, but social media is powerful like Google and other search engines. Here people come to spend time and find interesting material.
Your existence on social media make your blog performance better and your blog's traffic increase rapidly.

20. Use Grammarly

Use Grammarly

You know guys, I love Grammarly. Grammarly is a tool that helps many freelance writers and bloggers to write more effectively. I use Grammarly regularly for my content writing tasks and blogging as well.
If you have Grammarly, Any English tasks are comfortable for you. You need to research the topic and write with the assistance of Grammarly. Your content will be out-standard. It's my personal experience.
If you are new and have no budget for Grammarly, then you can buy in groups. Flikover and some other groups allow buying at minimum prices.

21. Revision


Revision is key to writing success. I always read my content three times after completing it. This habit makes my blog post more perfect to deliver to my readers. If my blog post has spelling mistakes, grammar errors and formatting issue, then readers can ignore your content. For making a great blog post, you must revise your content at least three times.


These SEO tips are best for your on-page SEO. If you want to get ranking on Google, then follow the latest updates of Google Panda. This article covers the on-page SEO tips strategy. Next section will be on off-pages SEO. I hope you ll like my article.

For any question, leave a comment here and give your feedback too. Take Care



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21 Useful On-Pages SEO Tips for Getting #1 on Google in 2019
Want to get high ranking, here 21 useful SEO tips waiting for you. Get first position on Google by thes SEO tips
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